The Do Better Challenge [single]

by Es



Anyone who has frequented social media will be able to identify with someone inside or outside of their circle who fits the description. This jam is a summary of the many wack things I've observed on my instagram and facebook feeds over the past few years. The moral of the story is... "Do better"! A number of themes covered on this one.

This song is featured on the upcoming album entitled "Social Meteor Vol 1: Inspired By My Timeline" due out summer 2019. Stay tuned. Enjoy.

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1. I challenge us to do better
2. ...Get out the mindset of sheepish follower and strive to be the trendsetter
3. Be better than memes that we deem as fact
4. With no wherewithall to check validity of stats
5. It seems we react to the latest hashtag
6. Trends like expensive handbags worn by stars
7. Measure of success the purchase of these foreign cars
8. Parading in a maskerade and then exposed as frauds
9. Monkey see monkey do, question why does it happen
10. A star thought it cool to do an ice bucket challenge
11. The masses got on camera, most didn't get the purpose
12. Original intent was noble, sheep did the disservice
13. Narcissism at it's finest, intentions impure
14. I guess with all the posts I seen ALS is cured
15. Just another cause comes and goes, flavour of the week
16. Till the next hot topic out captivates the sheep
17. To follow the herd, zombies in this here apocalypse
18. Litres sipping kool aid or you siding with the followers
19. A head scratcher, why these kids eating tide pods
20. Are you kidding me...its like Oh my God
21. It's a challenge youngins actually died
22. Social media eating people alive
23. Slave to the blue thumb, the extent that some will go to gain acceptance
24. Observing from my time line hard not to pay attention
25. To the buffoonery and coonery
26. Young brothers waving guns, girls twerking on camera for you to see
27. With a child standing right there looking clueless
28. ....The message in the bottle says that you can do this
29. To succeed, forget the need to read and write to achieve
30. As long as you stay on the feed you've got exactly what you need
31. ...10 year challenge popular with folks
32. Physical transformation for many dope...but no growth
33. Mentally the same, life game is lame
34. Eff'd off in your early days, now all you do complain
35. About the world did you wrong and out to get you
36. Get off your self entitled high horse, you'd sue life if it let you
37. Life at a standstill like the mannequin challenge
38. Couldn't hold the pose, your puckered lips knocked you off balance
39. ...Camera phone in front the mirror in the bathroom shot
40. Isometric angle gotta make sure that the ass is cocked
41. Thirst is real, love is blind dudes fly the birdbox
42. Flip the bird when dissed, now he refers to her as thot
43. All these losers on the prowl wow
44. Stuntin on the gram, persona gets exposed just like Bow wow
45. Challenge to your character, false claims you couldn't take back
46. ...Poor decisions last longer than a face tat
47. On your favourite rapper that you say is cool
48. Less than a handful of rappers make it, stay in school
49. Kids...or get a trade, be realistic with your expectations
50. Nothing wrong with chasing music as a destination
51. But what you missing is a plan or contingency
52. Social media... got you thinking the wins are instantly
53. To hell with all the ground work and the process
54. Going viral is the object, fame is the only option
55. A lame is only opting for the latter
56. So many lames out here, they mama's should've swallowed up those morning after
57. Pills, speaking of pills and drug abusers
58. My timeline flooded with all these losers
59. Not to be confused with alcoholics and abusers
60. I'm talking bout the loser that chooses to pump that message in the music
61. When they themselves are not even consuming
62. They got a generation hooked on drugs destined for a hard future
63. These idolized zeros, the ones we put on pedestals like heros
64. These people need to get their souls repo'd
65. We need to spot these snakes in the grass
66. And I ask that we stop giving passes and calling things classic
67. When they yet to stand the test of time, they flash in the pan
68. They dope to dummies, nothing more than amateurs fam
69. Would love to meet your brother's keeper in these streets right
70. God forbid you in some heat, your brothers reach to film the street fight
71. Refuse to intervene if it don't involve a come up
72. From sun down to sun up, with no come up, you get done up
73. Hung up to dry but they still refer to you as fam
74. Term of endearment not deserved to be man
75. Fake views, fake news is how you stay true
76. Fake it till you make it now is how you pay dues
77. Memes over microphones is how you slay crews
78. Streams and pay to play is how promoters pay you
79. Take you for granted when they ain't sh#t without you
80. Some how convinced us that we need them when the fact it's not true
81. Dwindling in self worth when we are the entertainment
82. Live performance sh#t bricks when fools stopped editing arrangements
83. From studio recordings turning shows to karaoke
84. The standards been lowered, industry said okeedokie
85. Hence the amateurs embraced it like the other trends before them
86. Disrespect to foundation makes it harder to support them
87. Abort them like a fetus or digital file upload....
88. .............


released May 17, 2019
Produced by Rel McCoy

This song is featured on the upcoming album entitled "Social Meteor Vol 1: Inspired By My Timeline" due out summer 2019. Stay tuned. Enjoy.


all rights reserved



Es Mississauga, Ontario

Based out of Mississauga (suburb of Toronto), Es is a student of hiphop. Inspired by golden era hip hop, Es makes a conscious effort to take it back to the essence of hip hop...hard beats and raw rhymes. After years of honing his craft, 2015 would prove to be his best year with a win for best urban artist at 2015's Toronto Independent Music Awards. The future looks promising for Es. Stay tuned. ... more

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