Feud For Thought

by Es

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“Feud For Thought” is a collection of my thoughts which illustrate my views on what is hurting this culture, music and community that I love. This beautiful forum of expression is being exploited for capital gain at the expense of the impressionable minds of the youth. Hip hop is much more than the one dimensional imagery depicted in various mainstream media. The entire story isn't being told. The industry powers- that-be would rather force-feed the masses watered-down, dumbed-down rubbish than evoke thought, knowledge of self, introspection, messages of love, peace and respect. They will have you believe that hip hop is supposed to look and sound a certain way. A bunch of cookie-cutter mass produced cloning has negatively impacted the creative element of the music. My war is with the media brainwashing. My feud isn't necessarily with the clones themselves. My feud is with the “puppet masters” controlling minds and insulting the intelligence of the masses. The dumber they make us, the more money we put into their pockets. Let's fight for mental freedom. Let's fight for creativity and originality. Let's “Feud For Thought”.



released 03 July 2012
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered at No Mercy Studios, Scarborough, Ontario, by DJ Mercilless

All songs written and performed by Eseme Elango
Except track 9 by Eseme Elango, Colin Allum and Marc Irvin

Cuts on tracks 3, 12 and 14 by DJ Mercilless
Cuts on track 15 by DJ Docta Def



all rights reserved


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Es Mississauga, Ontario

Based out of Mississauga (suburb of Toronto), Es is a fan of hiphop as well as a student of hiphop. Inspired by golden era hip hop, Es makes a conscious effort to take it back to the essence of hip hop...hard beats and raw rhymes. Es has been doing so since '91.

As ¼ of both Gill Breathing and Homegrown respectively, these collaborative efforts have inspired Es to continue honing his craft.
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Track Name: Speak Up & Speak Out
Speak up & speak out verse 1

1. Since loose lips sink ships...I try staying afloat
2. Stayed away from the boat... and stick to walking pavements and roads
3. With a focus on placing thought before my statements and quotes
4. That's for fear of taking a blade to the throat
5. I was taught if you got... nothing good to say... keep your thoughts to yourself
6. Some take it way too serious and try to threaten your health
7. And well being...heaven's angel vs. these hell demons
8. ...If looks could kill then my words will send me to jail even
9. ...Words are daggers... thought's supposed to help you climb ladders
10. ...But with a slip of the tongue your life could shatter
11. That's my main concern with calling you out...consequences are my deterrent
12. So, any criticism could mean life insurance...is needed (word up)
13. ...The point of free speech is now depleted
14. Instead of greetings with open palms... my life could be deleted
15. I'm proceeding with caution...forced to learn the trick
16. That's why every time I speak... first I think


1. (Everytime I speak first I think...)
2. ...speak up for the right reasons, t'is the season
3. (Speak up and speak out...)
4. You can't keep yappin ya jaws, going off like a loose cannon
5. (Everytime I speak first I think...)
6. ....Check it...for every action there's a reaction
7. (Speak up and speak out)
8. So before you open your mouth consider the bigger picture

Verse 2

1. Imagine if Biggie and Pac heard the words to my song
2. And the coolest of heads prevailed so years of service prolonged
3. And brothers refrained from writing checks they asses couldn't cash
4. To advance past the mode of pouring liquor out the glass
5. ...In the memory of lost ones...more sons dying over nothing
6. In a state of panic...we hold the button
7. Shoulder bumping in the club...trash talking provoked
8. A thin line between life and death, you walking the rope
9. Ignoring the hope of a better day...legends fall to the baretta sprays
10. Heaven calls...searching for a better ways
11. Too many fall victim to beefs that'll never pay
12. And dreams shatter that'll never come to be like the letter A
13. (I) forever pray for the day we get it together
14. To weather the storm, instead of a long moment of silence
15. With death comes the mourn, regret and the scorn
16. Pressure is on, essentially forced to stop condoning this violence


Verse 3

1. Viewing the world through the mind of a teen, human being with hopes and dreams
2. Way more to the eye than it seems
3. 'Cause of pressure from peers to act beyond their years is the fear
4. Rare to find a single one who never dared...to be different
5. Victims of self affliction from the pain they inflict
6. On each other...the weak shudder feeling distant
7. Misfits... trying to find a home, but roam, through war zones
8. Lost souls, prone to harm, mentally they implode
9. Ammo..in the form of brute force and gossip
10. Overwhelmed...retribution is the option
11. Words are weapons and what goes around comes back around
12. Confrontation ensues with no backing down
13. Hurtful words... the boomerang effect is frightening
14. Boiling point is heightened, a bucket somebody might kick
15. Delayed flicker on that mind's light switch, the point like a knife tip
16. Remember Columbine bully? Light switch...light switch


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