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by Es

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“Aspire To Inspire” is my life’s motto. It is also a symbol of my journey… my growth…my progression. This record is a feel good inspirational and motivational collection of songs, intended to uplift anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity or odds stacked against them. It is an honest audio journal of my goals, dreams, successes, joys, failures and words of encouragement to all who can relate to my story…coming from a grown man’s perspective. The ability to inspire others to strive to be better is one of life’s ultimate rewards. Let’s “Aspire To Inspire”. Peace.

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released June 28, 2014

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Es Mississauga, Ontario

Based out of Mississauga (suburb of Toronto), Es is a fan of hiphop as well as a student of hiphop. Inspired by golden era hip hop, Es makes a conscious effort to take it back to the essence of hip hop...hard beats and raw rhymes. Es has been doing so since '91.
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Track Name: Grown Man (prod by ICUE)
...I'm a 70's baby
Life thru the changes of the ages made me
Mom and pops raised me in a safe family base that gave me
All the jewels of life needed to make me
So blessed with the gift it's ridiculous man!!
Sky's the limit like biggie lyrics my life never mimicked no Biggie lyricals man
No silver spoon to consume this humble pie feast
Ain't a single high that I can't reach
A child of two African immigrants educated
Which meant graduating less than college was out of the equation
My future determined at a young age
You can imagine the things that my African parents would say
Search YouTube for things African parents would say
I done heard 'em decades before todays YouTube phase
In retrospect some gems were hidden in their quotes
As a child I failed to realize the wisdom they spoke
The clash of two cultures seeking a balance, tumultuously a challenge
A function of trying to exceed the average
Education was the key to success, I can attest
Many doors have opened up and I'm blessed
Tough love was my reality cheque, I cashed early in my youth
Pretty worldly in my journey is the truth
That set the tone... for where I'm going not forgetting who I am
Stepping stones on my quest to become a man

I am a grown man, my lane carved by my own hands
The pursuer and the doer of my own plans
Took strides to achieve all that I have achieved
The seeds planted early on was belief
Then it blossomed and grew into fruit of my labour
Growth and maturity into my food and my saviour
Went from... birth to a child and the onward progression
To adolescent presently...I'm a grown man

So, I worked hard, believed in God and beat the odds
Controller of my destiny with these hands I deal the cards
Received awards of merit on vari..ous occasions
Walked across stages... to standing ovations
Diplomas and degrees don't define me
But they remind me that I can be anything my mind deems
And thats the realest quote handsdown, I feel like the man now
Some life jewels I'm fittin to pass down
Life ain't all peaches and cream, beware of leeches that scheme
Surround ya self with believers that dream
Outside the box, inspiration is the flavour I've selected
Aspire to inspire the main objective
My main investment, I've selected is myself and my fu-ture
Reached a couple milestones yearning for a few more
First it was love, then it was marriage
Then came the babies in the baby carriage
One of life's magical moments that mould you
Bye bye to the old you, when heaven finally told you
To grow up, self centered livings in my rear view
Circum is the stance that'll prepare you
In a hurry, to respond and react to the flurry
Of changes that'll drive the feeble to worry
A test of internal fortitude and a gauge on how your built
Grown folks can relate to these words that I spill

Track Name: New Day (prod by KIZA BEATS)
I wake up rejuvenated from a night's sleep
Darkness dwindling and my skin is feeling slight heat
Sunshine signals the start of a new day
Past indiscretions...forgot 'em...I turned a new page
Forward progress is the goal, no stagnation
Emancipate the mind to stay off of the plantation
Liberating...deliberating, dropping my next groove
Defribulating, my chest pumped plotting like chess moves
Intense mood that I'm in when I'm focused on said tune
Inject truth in a net to catch you buggin out like some web views
...The support of my peeps keeps me driven
Even more by the scores of supporters endorsing my vision
A source of pure adrenaline, obscure like cure medicine
I am sharp as iron swords with mitre saw rhetoric
Embrace victory trying not to dwell in it
Walk thru opportunity's door headfirst without a swell in it
Remain humble despite the stumble to props and love
Peeps got my back like palms from hugs
I stay grateful and raise my arms above, gaze to my God above
Take in the rays and the hot of the sun
It's a new day fresh start, level the playing field
Goal setting, go getting, concepts I make em real
Fear of failure don't stop the move to be made
I take the good with the bad and push on,
Cause it's a new day

So, you trying to tell me that I'm stuck in the past?... Sucker you stuck in the ass
You industry conformist sucker you trash
You won't last, I bust a gut at you kats
I'm hiphop but what you loving is rap
If I allowed.. every critic with a ribit ribit to croak in my ear
I'd be a clone in this life without a hope and a prayer
...Don't get it twisted the focus is here, I be the dopest in here
My plan's for you to take notice I'm here
It's just human nature for those not in the know to criticize
And for those that stay in the know to shed light to these eyes
Yeah, I been wronged in the past, it made me stronger perhaps
But mental flashbacks rekindle my wrath
As a kid I was tagged as least likely to succeed
So I guess that proving them wrong is what I'd like to achieve
Passion and fight's what I bleed in this life that I lead
As long as I got a stranglehold on this life I can breathe
Each day's my ground zero that I'm building from the ground up
Weight of the world on my shoulders I get my pounds up
No pain no gain, every mistake that I make's
A lesson learned on this quest to be great
Without a mistake, that's a missed ache through these growing pains
Every fricking ache I work through it till it goes away
And on this quest to be great I gotta be grateful
No time to hold grudges or being's a new day

...I gotta make movements
Learn from the past, I gotta vie for improvements
...Success is the mission at hand
Success can turn a man into a different man
...Challenges build character
Settle for mediocrity? You ain't on my calibre
Can't understand what's being said in this Chorus
I ignore it...can't be bothered...cause it's a new day.
Track Name: For The Loot (prod by JE$U$)
From knocking on heaven's door to bell chiming on hell's gate
The devil dangled forbidden fruit those destined for hell ate
The weakness of man...weakened by glam and the superficial
Conceivably damned, repeatedly scammed to pursue the issue
Of success by excess, it's more than dollars and cents
Man, it's a sense of belonging when you long for success
By any means necessary justified by the ends
Friends turn to foes and pretend...hence the time to make amends
It all depends on the can turn loyal into pretender
Really... ain't no telling where you can end up
Enslaved by the currency, chasing paper with urgency
Searching for ways, submerging the pain for the gains certainly
That soul's momentarily solely a sole memory
Sold for gold, the goal for souls with no sensory
...Vision, that of a tunnel, with periphary blindspots
But life is an open road holmes you blissfully mind locked


For the loot, of the evils that men do
One of many dividers making people resentful
Some people will go to hell and back to grip on a dollar bill
Soul's entrenched by the notion but a lot of it's ill-
Conceived...believing in salvation from currency
The single highest contributor to sins done currently
The weakness of man, weakness of woman go hand in hand
Inferiority complex not a part of the plan
Victimized by the lies and corporate interests
Ignorance is what supports their existence for instance
That little boy with a perception that's blurred
Single mother household, father figure's the curb
Inspiration his favourite rapper busting gats and tools
Packs to move...never cared to go to class or school
The face of a generation trying to find themselves
Lost in a matrix of information all by themselves
Nowhere to turn...seems like every turn is a cliff
Mind already manipulated by the burn of a spliff
Or better yet these hooligans packing burners for chips
Not concerned with the risk, not concerned the risk

Hook (2x)
1. for the'll rob and kill...for the loot
2. Young lives catch a really raw deal and that's the truth
3. Bright futures go up in the air life poof
4. I got proof...

Mo money, mo problems...yeah we've heard it before
So instead of searching for scores, you ought to search for the Lord's
Grace...caught up in between a rock and a hard place
The quest for affluence is a far chase
Star gaze into the heavens, appreciate it's a blessing
'Cause 6 feet deep is where we're destined
And the weapon of truth sometimes concealed by the lies
You can't take that money with you...when you die....
Open up your third eye...get the picture?
Re-write your life's scripture and make the edit a fixture
That you live by and today and look forward unto tomorrow
No point jumping hurdles to end in sorrow
Follow your dreams with some practicality in mind
Don't let false imagery on television catch you in a bind
If material things define you, not a lot can refine you
At this point the devil's drafted a deal and just signed you

Track Name: The Good Fight (prod by THE ARKEOLOGISTS)
So what you fighting for...a stand or a cause whether right or wrong?
A fight with ya broad, a fight with the law the rifles are drawn
Fight for the scores to be even in the honour of freedom
Fight for the poor roaming the streets that wanna be eating
Fight in the ring, a fight for the men that wanna be kings
Fighting to sing to bandwagoners fighting to cling
To the nuts!!!...fighting to stay relevant, fight to say what's intelligent
A fight to say what's forever slick
A fight to be original in this digital age
A fight with acoustics and sound men when I get on the stage
Fighting for change, fight for bright lights and mics to get slayed
I fight in a game full of lames that sound alike and the same
I fight for the culture... a fight to muster the strength to fight the frustr'
...ation...I stay patient and take aim to snipe these vultures
Fighting the status quo... fight the status quo with the baddest flows
Average joes have to go casket closed....

Fighting that good what you fighting for?
Giving or the receiving end...yo what side you on?
You could go toe to toe or blow for blow
Scathed or unscathed...keep fighting y'all
uhhhh...What you fighting for?...what you fighting for?
What you fighting for?...uhhh, uhhh
uhhhh...What you fighting for?...what you fighting for?
What you fighting for?...uhhh, uhhh

So what you fighting for?...rebounds after a missed shot?
Fight for extra yards after you get popped
Fight for your life after a missed block
Fight for first down yardage and get props
300 pounds coming at you..the shit's hot!
Fight for the feeling of glory and praise
Fight for awards and acclaim, fighting the war of the words for more of the pay
Fighting for pride and ego, fight to rise high as a church steeple
Fight against the hurt and the evils
Fight against the media lies and the stories they tell
Fighting the front page news cause they hope that you fail
Fight to preserve an image...a fight from the moment you entered
The scrimmaging hard leads to becoming a centre
Of attention...fighting the pressure expectation is high
Fight with an eye on the prize and elevate to the sky
Fight for celebrity buzz but longevity first
Keep fighting that injury bug...longevity's curse...Keep on...


What you fighting for?....I'm fight you from yapping my ear off
I fight coming to grips with my hair loss
Fight time's continuum, fight keeping my stress to a minimum
Fight the underhanded type subliminals
Fighting against the criminal element that keeps plaguing my community
Fighting for black love and more unity
Fighting those that act foolishly on impulse...
Penetentiaries full of my kind and that shit sucks
Fight for equality and common ground
Fight for the resurrection of that '94 common's (rah rah) calm it down
Fight for the day that we could... walk the block, not worried 'bout strays
And child molesters at parks searching for prey
Fighting for piece of mind... fighting for peace by design
Fight for kats to put down the piece promoting peace in their rhymes
Fight for exposure... fight for the finish line to get closer
Fight for the day that success for me will show up...till then I keep

Track Name: Moment Of Weakness feat. John John (prod by 1988)
...The moment when you hit your weakest point
You start to question everything like what's the freaking point
You put it all on the table to no avail
It's like the cosmos conspired for you to fail
Ya whole world hanging by a thread, and you leaning against the rail
On the verge of taking a plunge, cause ya confidence is frail
Prides been locked in a cell, you a dollar short on the bail
Doing all you can to prevail but this spell i's getting stale
Psychology is frail, salty tears fill the pail
You in need of a break from this madness, like what the hell!
A cracked shell, the makings of a sad tale
Sometimes in that mental state all you need a pal's help
Positive reinforcement to stay reminded of your worth
'Cause while grinding we're so blinded in our worldly bubbles
In a whirlwind of trouble gotta beat this
The sickness that ultimately defeats us


...the moment when you at your lowest
When peers lure you to follow and go with status quo...its
Adverse to your belief system but you just trying to fit in
But it's just not in you to spark up any friction
You try disguising your disapproval with body language that's fraud
If your folks only knew it'd be a stab in the heart
It's not, how you were raised, you just crave the attention
Trying to be something you're not...just a slave to the ascension
Of social status... a case of blind sheep in the flock
Stand on your own don't be a clone trying to be on the block
Hustlin...or at the party spot guzzling
Or uffing with drugs, without a rubber, steady busting in
Women to get a rep, watch ya step and the company kept
Take a moment to reflect on these words I project
Just be yourself and be true to you cause the God's in you...believe this
The sickness that we gotta defeat is called


Now the insanity of vanity
Deeper than mirror reflected's the man in me
Discontent with God's perfect can it be?
Propaganda through media outlets to scam the weak
Beauty's subjective through a perfectionist lens
Pay it no mind if you respecting yourself
Leave those opinions to be kept to themselves
Treat em like over-hyped flop artisst whose records didn't sell and got left on the shelves
Walk proud with your head high and keep it moving
Seek improvement from within dont let the schemers ruin
Your purpose for living in this unforgiving world that's cold
Not surprised the target market is for girls that old
Body image cause sex sells, to excel
Sell sex well, while their pockets waiting to exhale
Capitalism is breathing, seems we're retreating to the demons
A lot teens get succumbed to all this weakness...
Track Name: Uninspired (prod by I.KHAN)
...I don't rap about rap
I rap about rappers who rap about rap...then rap circles on em
In rap circles you a circus act who circled back
Out of the circuit for the purpose of trying to search for cash
Your petty lies keep falling on deaf ears
Steady mean mugging with death stares,nothing is felt here
My message of love written with blood dripping from my felt tip
Bleeding my life's truth with a death grip of realness
That you can only imagine in your wildest of dreams
You fantasize bout how you wild and it seems
Fiends keep coming back to my pad for more of that real shit, that pure uncut
You all filler like a collagen butt
All I'm hearing from you is "holla atcha boy" but you lack soul
Tracks more hollow than the imaginary hollow points that you blast so
Feverishly...weakest emcees spittin that cornball rhetoric
Get put on audio mute for the hell of it
You're just as relevant as off topic debates...
Every verse ridden with riddles of poppin AK's
I get rid of you, good riddance, my good writtens smashing your hood gimmick, stopping your spray
Riddle me this... you a joke like corny comic display that got lost in the fray
An obvious lame that got lost in the game, lost in the fame
Pulling triggers... ain't even know who you aiming at
Staining a culture catching the blame from rap
Es, not known to dis a peer like Blaine David acts
But you rap ignoramuses, y'all could get your faces smacked
Back to the lab reconfigure your whole formula
Rhyme schemes a little bit out of place like a foreigner
...Fresh off of the boat
I put pressure to throats with the effort I flex in my quotes
Stifling the trifling kats, constricting to your liar filled raps
...Hearing to that trash, I've got the right to react
I'm uninspired by your whole aura ...that reeks negative energy
Ignorance personified will be the death of we
Stuck in denial, your feet are stuck in a pile.. of crap
Youth suckered by the vilest of rap,
You denying the fact that you perping the role, hurting the soul
Either you bustin off or hon's working the pole
Images of feminine roles in this culture is skewed
Only reason y'all pitiful rappers be getting them views
Because of the boobs and the over-sexualized moves
A lotta y'all repping the new lacking respect for the rules
And I'm talking about respect for the craft, respect for the path
Travelled by predecessors to how you gettin that cash
Use your voice to invoke hope to the hopeless
Give sight to blind and for those with blurry vision regain focus
Instead of glorifying the struggle, start fortifying the huddle
To unify in order for survival to double
An advocate for rising above adversity
Certainly why I'm inspired're unoriginal...
Track Name: Aspire To Inspire [Inspiration] (prod by CONCEPT)
verse 1:
With goals and visions locked and moves are calculated
No time to lose making moves that are makeshift
See....thinking on the fly has got its limitations
Success in life my kind of vindication
Hope... mixed with a dream and the follow through like a golf swing
The motto that I gotta ingrain in my offspring
Too many princes grow up to be lost kings
Green eyed bandits out for dollars to floss things
Lacking direction and a purpose
Based on a track record this model don't seem to be it's worthless
It needs service...we see so many dreams don't ever seem to flourish
(As) long as dreams remain practical no need to be discouraged
... cause in this life we live only death is certain
Create a road map for your success before your curtains close
Death is for certain bro, dreams.... I pursue with frequent flyer mileage
Using inspiration as my pilot
...Cross continental reach, limits never peeked
...Success, within my fingers reach, I sniff it when I breath
The measure of success is relative like blood related peeps
In this game of play for keeps, I'm trying to win to say the least
Driven... by the notion of uplifting my community
Lifted at the hope that unity can one day prove to be
Inspiring, for the beasts inside of life's lions den
Inspire self, then inspire them...

Verse 2:
Sometimes I get blurry eyed...but the visions never lost
Even if I start drifting off course
Momentary set the devil trying to get you
Just like the government...why you think you get taxed for booze??
It's a death trap you I'm guilty of the same
Guzzling this poison...messing with my brain
What I'm saying is assess the bigger picture and determine where you fit in
Move accordingly without the politics in
Glimpsing at that city skyline I'm already sky high off life
I feel I'm winning, hands high like gimme 5
So many miles on inspirational planes (plains)...that's literal
Sometimes the inspiration is pain...for lyricals
Turning a negative to positive force
Such a release like you popping a cork
Inspiration's like the rock in the sport of football
Move the chains and get a flock of support from team mates for a good call
Inspiration comes in various forms
So when it hits you let it get you to where you belong
And where you belong is the place where the energy's strong
And when the energy's strong that's when the synergy's formed
And when the synergy's formed that's when the chemistry's born
Then an indelible bond is formed to weather the storm
Aspire to inspire is the next best move
I'm trying the be the best Es, not the 2nd best you